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This will be PART-TIME, and entry-level for someone with graphic design experience. You will be working at our office, right off the square in Lampasas.


Here are the two qualifications….you must have BOTH to be considered:


Graphic design experience with Adobe programs

(we use Illustrator a LOT, but PhotoShop, InDesign and Express users are welcome)


Customer service experience

(you will have constant communication with customers about their products you are designing)

If you have both qualifications and would like to apply, please email your resume to

Due to time constraints, we will not take phone calls, texts, Facebook messages or Instagram messages about the job (and definitely no personal Snapchats). Please email your resume and we will respond with confirmation and information within 2 business days.


Fun facts about the job:

1. We are pretty fun and relaxed. Dad jokes and puns are welcome 24/7.

2. We are no longer a branding agency as well as a print shop; we’ve got LOTS of new cool things we will be promoting and making, and these things need a custom design, so we are getting heavier into the print side. (There are a few branding gals and guys in town, and we are helping spread the love to them, so we can make their digital dreams come to life on print).

3. We still create graphics for digital outlets - we just don’t build websites or manage social media pages anymore. As far as logos go, we have a few we are finishing currently, but will not be picking new ones up.

4. The design process is pretty fast-paced. We’re growing our customer base by the day, so helping with getting proofs and products out quickly is where you come in.

5. You will help with some of the printing. We’ve got a kool kat named Megan who is our print gal, organization guru, and Mojo supplier. You’ll work with her mainly for the print side.

6. Some work on this social media page will definitely be done! Take a look - we’ve been so busy we haven’t been able to keep up with our own social, and we need to show off our local business comrades!

7. We don’t just make business products - we have a TON of products we make for parties, weddings and events.

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